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Thank you for your interest in rotating at Hofstra-Northwell EM at North Shore and LIJ Hospitals!  The two EM residencies at LIJ Medical Center and North Shore University Hospital (NSUH) officially merged in July, 2017.  In order to provide rotating students with an opportunity to experience both of our sites we have unified our student rotation as well.

LIJ Medical Center is an FDNY receiving facility that straddles the border between New York City and Nassau County.  We are a busy academic ED located in a tertiary care medical center.  The ED uses an innovative Split Flow model to direct the care of approximately 100,000 visits annually across 5 separate pods.  NSUH is a Level I Trauma Center and also a busy referral center specializing in Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Neurosurgery, and more.  Both sites have 24 hour cardiac cath capabilities and are stroke centers.

People seeking care at the Hofstra-Northwell ED’s come from all walks of life and all parts of the world, with a tremendous range of medical conditions.  While rotating in our ED’s you will work directly with attending physicians and senior residents and experience all the different parts of the ED.

Hofstra-Northwell EM offers the following student experiences:

  1. Emergency Medicine Acting Internship (4 weeks)
  2. Combined Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine/Procedure Team Elective (4 weeks)
  3. Pediatric Emergency Medicine Acting Internship at the Cohen’s Children’s Medical Center (4 weeks)
  4. Emergency Ultrasound (2 or 4 weeks)
  5. Medical Toxicology (2 or 4 weeks)
  6. Personally tailored preceptorships (approved on a case-by-case basis)

We welcome MD and DO students.  Most rotations are available year-round with a few blackout dates.  The EM AI fills quickly, especially during the peak months of July through November and you are encouraged to submit your application as soon as VSAS opens for the academic year (usually in May).  We make an effort to accommodate as many students as possible and spots sometimes open up as time goes on, so do not be discouraged if you don’t get your first date.  All applications must be submitted through VSAS and the Hofstra-Northwell School of Medicine.  If you attend a medical outside the US and do not have access to VSAS,  you may contact Ms. Sandie Luciano for more information.

Hofstra-Northwell @NSLIJ EM Acting Internship

During this 4 week rotation you will function as an integral part of the ED team and are expected to provide the same level of care as a 1st year resident.  You will see your own patients, write your own notes and orders in the electronic medical record, develop care plans under the direct supervision of an attending physician, perform necessary procedures and see your patients through to disposition.

  • Clinical schedule:
    • 12-14 shifts across 4 weeks, including nights and up to 2 weekends, in all ED areas
    • 2 weeks at LIJ and 2 weeks at NSUH
    • You are scheduled to work with individual an attending for an entire shift to maximize learning, feedback and independence
    • Schedules are individually designed to accommodate your professional interests
    • Shifts are 8 – 10 hours long
  • Academics:
    • Wednesday AM conference: 2 hours with resident conference and 2 hours of procedure skills and simulation (including ACLS and Trauma) workshops
    • Monday PM conference: 2 hours of dedicated case-based student sessions taught by EM faculty
    • Noon conference (weekdays when you are working clinically)
  • Evaluations:
    • Formative – Each student will meet with their preceptor in the middle of the rotation to review evaluations to that point and discuss strengths and challenges, feedback, etc.
    • Summative – Final grade is based on a combination of shift evaluations and an oral presentation.
  • Optional Activities (based on individual interest):
    • Ultrasound scanning shift with the ED US team (scan with ED Ultrasound fellowship trained physicians)
    • US Tape Review Day
    • Tox Tuesdays (weekly conference of the Division of Medical Toxicology)
    • ED Behavioral Health Shift
    • CDU Shift (the Clinical Decision Unit is an observation/short stay unit run by the ED)
Combined EM/IM/Procedure Team Elective This newly created rotation is specifically designed to suit the unique needs and interests of students who are considering combined EM/IM and EM/IM/CC training.  Over the course of 4 weeks participants gain a strong procedural experience while being exposed to the many different practice settings in which the dual or triple trained physician practices.  Didactics, conducted in 1-on-1 seminars, cover two primary domains: 1) Procedural Training, and 2) Handoffs and Continuity of Care Across the Continuum. Clinical Settings:


  • Emergency Department
  • Clinical Decision Unit
  • Internal Medicine (Inpatient)
  • Internal Medicine (Ambulatory Clinic)
  • Medical ICU
  • Invasive Procedure Team


  • 2 weeks inpatient (Medicine, MICU, Procedure Team)
  • 2 Weeks Outpatient/Acute Care (ED, CDU)
  • Flexible and personalized based on your interests.


  • Dedicated Seminars
  • Invasive Procedure Team Training
  • Weekly and daily resident conferences in the various settings


  • Midcycle Formative Review
  • Summative grading based on clinical shift evaluations and oral presentation/academic project
Coming soon.  In the mean time please visit the Medical Toxicology Homepage.
Coming soon.  In the mean time please visit the Emergency Ultrasound homepage.


Dr. Eugene Cho

Dr. Eugene Cho

Co-Director of Student Education

Dr. Stephanie Pollack

Dr. Stephanie Pollack

Co-Director of Student Education

Ms. Sandie Luciano

Ms. Sandie Luciano

Residency Coordinator

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