Q:Where is the best place to learn to be an Emergency Physician?

A: In busy, high acuity emergency departments.  In our residency, the vast majority of where a resident spends their time is in adult and pediatric emergency departments, learning from board certified leaders in the field.


Q: Outside of the Emergency Department where do the residents spend their time?

A: Critical care.  Taking care of the sickest, most resource intense patients in the hospital provide the best opportunities for learning.  Residents spend time in the SICU, the MICU, The Pediatric ICU and the CCU.  They also get unit time as the resuscitation resident which is a great combination of both ED and ICU.


Q: What is Niche?

A: We use the term “Niche training” to signify the area where residents want to concentrate. We have in residency tracks which get residents extra training in US, EMS, Critical Care, Sim and Teaching, Sports Medicine, International EM or Research.


Q: Why do the residents go to Maryland Shock Trauma?

A: We find that the experience gives the residents a different view of trauma management and resuscitation.  North Shore University Medical Center is a level 1 trauma center and gets a large volume of local and distant trauma.  The residents learn trauma management and get experience with trauma procedures daily.  Maryland Shock Trauma augments this experience with an intense concentrated exposure to the sickest of trauma patients.  Their unique management protocols offer an alternative method for dealing with this disease.







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