The 2017 Annual Meeting of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine is being held this week in Orlando, Florida.  Follow the conversation by searching for #SAEM17 on Twitter. You can also access schedules and some conference materials via the conference app available here.

Hofstra-Northwell EM Has Been Busy

Many Hofstra-Northwell EM faculty and residents from North Shore, LIJ, and Lenox Hill hospitals will be presenting their work.  A schedule of our presenters follows.  If you’re in Orlando, stop by and say hi.


Wednesday, May 17th 


1pm – Plaza International Ballroom G: Convention Level

  • Dr. Josh Guttman presenting:  #whatsthedx: Ultrasound Edition

1:55 – 2:07 – Celebration 14: Convention Level

  • Dr. Dana Gottlieb presenting: Routine use of Endocrine Consultations for Diabetes Management of Patient With A1c >9.0% in an ED Observation Unit

3:00 – 3:20 – Plaza International Ballroom E/Convention Level

  • Panel presentation by Drs Codrin Nemes, Isabel Barata, Michael Cassara: A Simulation Based Curriculum for Continuous Professional Development of Emergency Physicians in a Multi Center Practice Group. 

Thursday, May 18th


8:27-8:35 Celebration 16/Convention level

  • Dr. Isabel Barata presenting: “Analysis of contributing factors to patient Complaints and Grievances”

9:05-9:12 Celebration 3 and 4/Convention Level

  • Drs. Michael Capilupi and Jeena Moss presenting: “Code Sepsis: How an Emergency Department Checklist Improves Accuracy in Public Reported Quality Data”

9:18 AM – 9:26 Celebration 12: Convention Level

  • Dana Gottlieb presenting “Screening, Diagnosis, and Initiation of Long-term Therapy for Diabetes Mellitus in a Hospital 24-hour Observation Unit”

9:27 AM – 9:35 AM Celebration 15: Convention Level

  • Mark Richman presenting: “The Influence of Framing: Is the Emergency Department a More Effective Venue than Outpatient Settings for Recruitment to a Diabetes Disease Management Program?”

10:07 – 10:14 AM Celebration 1&2: Convention Level

  • Dr. Sandeep Kapoor presenting: “Screening and Brief Intervention Patient Characteristics and Screening Results: Differences Between Emergency Departments and Primary care Settings”

1:00 PM Celebration 14: Convention Level

  • Rich Menaik presenting “Trends in Emergency Medical Services for Pediatric Psychiatric Emergencies in a Large Metropolitan Area”

1:26 PM – 1:38 PM Celebration 13: Convention Level

  • Nina Hadzibabic presenting: “Downward Trends in the Proportion of Children Hospitalized From the Emergency Department With Acute Asthma in a Large Metropolitan Area”

1:28- 1:25 PM Celebration 1 and 2: Convention Level

  • Kendall Carpenter presenting “Perceptions of Emergency Medicine Physicians in India on Family Presence during Resuscitation in the Emergency Department”

2:00 PM

  • Dr. Meredith Masters presenting: “Trends in Emergency Medical Services for Pediatric Emergencies in a Large Metropolitan Area”

3-4 PM Celebration 7

  • Dr. Michelle Lall presenting: “Burnout in Board Certified Emergency Physicians”


Friday, May 19th


8:09 AM – 8:17 AM Celebration 13: Convention Level

  • Dr. David Lee presenting: “Vision Screening in Elderly Emergency Department Patients: A Feasibility Study

9:00-9:08 AM Silver Spring 1 and 2, Convention Level

  • Dr. Tara Liberman and Kendall Carpenter: “GAP-ED Project: Improving Care for Frail Elderly Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department”

9:09AM-9:17AM Celebration 15: Convention Level

  • Dr. Diana Savitsky presenting: Correlation of surface anatomic landmarks for pediatric chest tube insertion with use of computed tomography

10:48-10:56 AM Celebration 16/Convention level

  • Dr. Isabel Barata presenting: ”Emergency Departments’ Pediatric Readiness Across a Health System and the Impact of Pedaitric Emergency Care Coordinators and Service Line Quality Director”

10:57 AM – 11:05 AM Celebration 16: Convention Level

  • Nina Hadzibabic presenting: “Increasing Usage of Non-invasive Ventilation Among Children Hospitalized for Acute Asthma in a Large Metropolitan Area”

1:18 PM – 1:26 PM @Sonogames

  • Dr. Matt Nelson presenting: “Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Peripheral Venous Dilation Using Local Dry Heat in Healthy Volunteers”

1:42 PM – 1:49 PM Celebration 1 & 2: Convention Level

  • Dr. Louis Nikolis presenting: “Impact of “Code Sepsis” implementation on 3-hour sepsis treatment bundle compliance and hospital length of stay at a single emergency department (ED)”


Were you accidentally left off this list? Contact David Marcus to have your presentation included. 

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