Conference FOAMed 9/23/15

Here's round 2 of conference FOAMed. I didn't get any feedback on round 1 ( but I figured that people are hungry for a bite of the online knowledge apple. I. SICKLE CELL DISEASE - This little article emphasizes many of the points that Dr. Ramnarine hammered home today. Remember that sickle cell whacks [...]
Conference FOAMed 7/22/15

Conference FOAMed 7/22/15

Here's 5 great links to expand your mind if you want to go deeper on any of the topics we covered in conference today... I. PERICARDITIS Amal Mattu spits about a lesser know sign of pericarditis, the SPODICK SIGN: II. MYOCARDITIS/PERICARDITIS If it looks like pericarditis, sounds like pericarditis, but makes troponins, then it's probably myo(peri-)carditis. [...]
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