Why 3 + 1 > 4

As the Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine EM residency at North Shore (a 3 year program)and at Long Island Jewish (a 4 year program) merged we had the opportunity to explore what we felt would be the best format for the new combined program.

3 year programs have been proven to graduate Emergency Medicine physicians who are as capable, as sought after and as successful in their careers as graduates of 4 year programs.

4 year programs allow more time to find your “niche” within emergency medicine. More lectures and more patients seen allow these doctors to be more seasoned when they start their first jobs.

**It is unrealistic to expect medical students to be fully aware of what a 3 year program or a 4 year program would mean to them as they have only their short ED exposure at a few programs to judge this.

The perfect program would allow each resident to decide how many years of training he or she needs to reach their potential.

As resident’s interests develop, they are in a good position to see if 4 years of training with emphasis on an area of interest or a “niche” would benefit them in their career.

We decided our program would be a 3 year program where residents would be guaranteed a 4th year to continue training and pursue an area of interest in an ACGME fellowship or a non ACGME fellowship/concentration position if they felt it would benefit them.

In essence we believe: 3 + 1 > 4

(Sorry Archimedes)

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